Saturday, August 25, 2007

I haven't posted any pics of new creations in a while, so here ya go:
Vintage Tattoo Birds Switchplate
Show Me the Money SwitchplateSkully Jack Ring

Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Not Easy Being a Mom
Yesterday, one of my fur-kids had a crazy procedure done. It's called a voiding urohydropulsion. Basically, the vet anesthetized my Miss Whitey, repeatedly filled her with fluid via a urinary catheter, shook her, and then squeezed her! It sounds like some horrible midevil torture, but it actually was a blessing b/c it got all of her bladder stones out without having to cut her open. Since I work at the vet clinic, my boss (Miss Whitey's doctor) let me bring her home while still on IV fluids. The plan was for her to stay on fluids overnight. So I installed some hooks in the wall, got the IV running, and got poor Miss Whitey all set up in a nice big dog crate. Then I went downstairs to relax for awhile, a very short while... After hearing the IV pump alarm go off, hubby and I ran upstairs to reset the pump. This is when I looked in the crate and saw blood everywhere. Although she'd been really good at the vet clinic all day, apparently Miss Whitey had had enough and had pulled out part of her IV catheter. Lets just say that Miss Whitey was not so white anymore! So, I had to pull out the rest of her catheter and hubby got to clean the carpet, crate, and wall while I cleaned myself up.
I'm thankful for 4 things:
1) hubby did not pass out.
2) I handle animal emergencies a million times better than people emergencies (had it been human blood, I would've passed out).
3) I get a generous veterinary discount (w/out my discount the surgery would have cost $732).
4) and most importantly, Miss Whitey is ok!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Needles= Pain Free
How ironic is it that having needles stuck all over me, makes me feel better? Acupuncture, along with my custom herbal tea, has made such an amazing difference in my life! I had my fourth treatment today, and I almost fell asleep during it. I actually look forward to my visits. To go along with my inspiration and renewed life energy, I found this proverb:
Fear less, hope more,
eat less, chew mo
whine less, breathe more,
talk less, say more,

hate less, love more,

and all good things will be yours.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Celebration Time
Today is Aron and my second wedding anniversary! It seems like our wedding was so long ago. We're really excited to be able to celebrate by seeing our fave Athens band at Edgefield tonight. Dubconscious is a group of amazing reggae artists. We first saw/heard them when they opened for the Legendary Wailers on one of our first dates. They're super nice people with a wholesome peaceful message. Hopefully, Aron and I will have time to go out to dinner somewhere relatively nice before the concert. I hope he likes his present; he's hard to shop for b/c he always says he doesn't need anything. No matter what, I know I'll have a wonderful time with my best friend in the world!

From a very wise man, Rabbi Shmuley:

"Your marriage is not a facet of your life. It is your life. It is not a detail of your happiness, but its source and greatest blessing. "

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Feeling Good is Hard Work
I had my third acupuncture treatment yesterday. Because my TMJ (a jaw joint disorder) has been bothering me recently, he focused on that area this time. I got to experiene two new things: a jaw muscle massage done from the inside of my mouth and electro-acupuncture. The jaw massage was slightly uncomfortable, but not too bad at all. The electro-acupuncture felt really weird and kinda freaky. It seemed like worms were crawling around under my skin. I was very proud of myself for taking some deep breaths and getting through it. While the needles were in me today, I enjoyed listening to the calming music and having awhile to rest; I almost fell asleep! The next thing I need to conquer/master is drinking the herbal mixture he custom-made for me. I'm supposed to drink it 3 times per day, but b/c it tastes very strong and earthy I've been having a hard time making myself take it. I'll have to keep reminding myself that I'll try anything to feel better!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

I Have a Crush...
Thank goodness acupuncture has been getting rid of my headaches and dizziness, so I was able to go out last night to hear my favorite band, outPost! It's hard to describe how truely awesome they are. Their voices are amazing and lyrics and songs both funny and thought-provoking. Their energy is positively inspiring. You can't help but jump up and dance. All 5 guys are also super-friendly, sweet, and down to earth. What more could you ask for?!