Friday, August 17, 2007

It's Not Easy Being a Mom
Yesterday, one of my fur-kids had a crazy procedure done. It's called a voiding urohydropulsion. Basically, the vet anesthetized my Miss Whitey, repeatedly filled her with fluid via a urinary catheter, shook her, and then squeezed her! It sounds like some horrible midevil torture, but it actually was a blessing b/c it got all of her bladder stones out without having to cut her open. Since I work at the vet clinic, my boss (Miss Whitey's doctor) let me bring her home while still on IV fluids. The plan was for her to stay on fluids overnight. So I installed some hooks in the wall, got the IV running, and got poor Miss Whitey all set up in a nice big dog crate. Then I went downstairs to relax for awhile, a very short while... After hearing the IV pump alarm go off, hubby and I ran upstairs to reset the pump. This is when I looked in the crate and saw blood everywhere. Although she'd been really good at the vet clinic all day, apparently Miss Whitey had had enough and had pulled out part of her IV catheter. Lets just say that Miss Whitey was not so white anymore! So, I had to pull out the rest of her catheter and hubby got to clean the carpet, crate, and wall while I cleaned myself up.
I'm thankful for 4 things:
1) hubby did not pass out.
2) I handle animal emergencies a million times better than people emergencies (had it been human blood, I would've passed out).
3) I get a generous veterinary discount (w/out my discount the surgery would have cost $732).
4) and most importantly, Miss Whitey is ok!

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