Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Enough Already!
A few days of snow is fun, but after more than a week of snow and ice and freezing rain, I'm over it!!! It's made me miss work, multiple pet-sitting jobs, my last craft show of the year, and other important engagements which I can't discuss yet. Luckily, I've only had to drive in it one day- and that was enough. I have to thank myself for paying extra for traction control on my Saturn! Of course, the fur-kids are thrilled: 1) I've been home for days on end, spending lots of quality time with them, and 2) the dogs love the snow! Rudy and Azlan are like little kids romping in it. Even (mostly blind and disc-diseased) Sandy has been adventurous and been tromping around the slippery snowy mountains in the back yard. Thank goodness Grandma knitted him lots of warm sweaters last year!

Go to the KPTV slide show, and look at the 4th photo to see a snow monster...
(or look below)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Arisen from the Dead
After way too many days spent in a living hell called the stomach flu, I'm now back amongst the living! Seriously, the highlight of my week was being able to get off the couch today and go upstairs to the office to check my week's worth of email. What would I have done without my wonderful Jewish mommy coming over to make me drink chicken soup and 7up? And give me meds, and entertain the grandkids, and even do my laundry! Yes, hubby has tried to be helpful. But, I've learned that no one is as good as Mom when you're sick.