Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Celebration Time
Today is Aron and my second wedding anniversary! It seems like our wedding was so long ago. We're really excited to be able to celebrate by seeing our fave Athens band at Edgefield tonight. Dubconscious is a group of amazing reggae artists. We first saw/heard them when they opened for the Legendary Wailers on one of our first dates. They're super nice people with a wholesome peaceful message. Hopefully, Aron and I will have time to go out to dinner somewhere relatively nice before the concert. I hope he likes his present; he's hard to shop for b/c he always says he doesn't need anything. No matter what, I know I'll have a wonderful time with my best friend in the world!

From a very wise man, Rabbi Shmuley:

"Your marriage is not a facet of your life. It is your life. It is not a detail of your happiness, but its source and greatest blessing. "

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