Saturday, September 15, 2007

Busy as a Bee
I've recuperated from last weekend's Belmont Street Fair (it was tons of fun!) just in time for the Alberta Street Fair. This will be my last event for two months (until the holiday fairs). It looks like the weather will be perfect. I feel lucky to have had so many non-rainy weekends in Oregon!!

I love doing street fairs and seeing people enjoy my handmade goodies, but they're a lot of work. Loading the car and booth set-up and tear-down take a lot of time and energy.
So a little vacation will be nice. Now's a great time to thank my hubby who helps me with my booth at every event. And, he rarely complains! It's wonderful to get to spend time together.

My favorite memory from the Belmont Street Fair:
a little girl walked up to me and asked, "Are you a teenager?" Surprised, I paused, laughed, and thanked her for the compliment. How flattering a comment for a 31 year old to hear!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Busy at the Beach
Hubby and I just got back from the Oregon coast! It was both a working weekend and belated anniversary celebration. We camped Friday night (our first time camping together, and my first time camping since junior high). Saturday we had a booth in Lincoln City. It was wonderful- the weather was amazingly perfect, the customers friendly, and awesome to meet fellow artists and crafters in person! Although I shopped a lot, I still made more than I spent. After the art show was over, we packed up and drove south to Newport. We'd had enough roughing it, so we got a room at the Shilo Inn (with an ocean view!). We walked around the historic bayfront and came across one of the coolest things I've ever seen- raccoons and cats only inches apart. They were eating cat food that someone had come and poured in mounds. Unfortunately, the fence blocked me from getting a pic of the critters so close together, but I was able to snap this adorable photo:
We also got to walk barefoot on the beach in the warm sun. So, we had a great time and we couldn't have done it without my mom, who babysat our 7 fur-kids for us! Thanks Mom!
I'll be spending this week preparing for Saturday's Belmont Street Fair. If you're in the Portland metro area you should come; it'll be a blast!