Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lady Luck
Although I usually feel as if I'm jinxed, this past weekend I was lucky all around:
1. It was warm and sunny at the beach (a rarity in Oregon, especially in May)! This made for a wonderful day for the Cause 4 Paws fundraising event. And, hubby, friend, and I were able to take a late-night walk on the beach without freezing our butts off.
2. I won an auction for a pet stroller! I've been wanting one for my special terrier boy, Sandy, for a long time. He's 13 years old and has some medical issues. He loves going places and almost always accompanies me when I have a booth at outdoor venues. I have a pet sling that I carry him in during the street fairs. However, my shoulders, back, and arms get mighty sore after carrying around my 21-pound baby. So now not only do I have a super-nice stroller for him, but the money I spent on it all goes to the animals at the shelter in Lincoln county.
3. Hubby and I made an awesome new friend! We shared a beach house with another crafter. Since I had previously only met her online, who knew what we were in for? Luckily, Gloria turned out to be a really cool person. Gloria, Aron, and I hit it off and became good friends almost immediately. We quickly realized we have a lot in common: a love for dogs and reggae music. We all had a lot of fun hanging out together. The only bad part is that she lives about 4 hours from us, so we won't be able to get together very often.

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