Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sandman!
Yesterday was Sandy's 13th birthday. I don't know his actual date of birth. But the day I chose him as my foster dog was April 1, 1996 and they estimated him to be about one year old then. Yes, I said foster dog. But, after I'd had him for two months, I decided there was no way that I could part with him and he became my forever dog.

He's my special boy b/c we've been through a lot together: a long bad relationship, 2 cross-country moves, college and graduate school, seizures and urine-leaking (him, not me!). He was the ring bearer in my wedding almost 3 years ago. Of all my fur-kids, he is my shadow. He's always with me at home and during the summer when I have craft booths, he's my assistant (in addition to my hubby). He's excellent at drawing in customers and loves feeling special b/c his two dog brothers don't get to come!

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