Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why the odd picture today? It's not the usual photo of crafts or fur-kids because I'm feeling human again! After many years of headaches (which recently have become constant, unbearable, and with the added delight of dizziness and nausea), I decided to give Eastern medicine a try. I've been thinking about trying acupuncture for quite a while, but was nervous. I'm not normally needle-phobic, but the thought of having tons of needles stuck all over my body was scary. All of the meds give me no relief. Lately, I've become almost bed-ridden, not able to do anything but watch tv. And although my kitties and doggies really enjoy cuddling with me, laying around all the time gets really old (and I'm sure Aron is tired of having to take care of all 8 of us!). So, Monday I finally had acupuncture. No the needles aren't as long as the ones in the picture- thank goodness! It wasn't that bad at all-especially since I also get a neck and head massage, foot massage, and Chinese aromatherapy. Since then I've gradually felt better and better. I was so excited to be able to vacuum, sew, do laundry, craft, and clean a closet today! I want to give my acupuncture doctor a huge hug and kiss! I'm looking forward to my next appointment...
I also want to thank my amazing husband and parents for always being so patient, understanding, and helpful to me. I definitely wouldn't be able to get through all this without them!

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