Saturday, October 21, 2006

100 Things About Me

1. I was born in Illinois, but only lived there until I was 2 weeks old.
2. I am an Aquarius, but I don't know how to swim.
3. I have a Masters degree, and almost got my PhD.
4. I once worked with cadavers (yes, dead people)!
5. I am the proud mother of 7 children (3 dogs and 4 cats).
6. My childhood nickname was "garbagetoe."
7. I am addicted to buying crafting supplies.
8. My sister taught me to knit when I was 18.
9. I never learned to tie shoelaces properly; I can only use bunny ears.
10. I have circadian rhthym sleep disorder; or as my hubby says, I'm a "narcoleptic insomniac."
11. I may never have human kids.
12. My favorite cuisines are Mexican and Chinese.
13. I like making lists.
14. I dream of living at the beach.
15. I know I should exercise, but rarely do.
16. I fidget with the rings on my fingers when I'm nervous.
17. I love to ride in small airplanes.
18. I tend to plan things in advance.
19. I'm good at meeting deadlines.
20. I used to procrastinate, but now I do less often.
21. I can't stand to eat scallops.
22. I wish I could sing well.
23. I wish I could draw well.
24. I hate the bump on my nose.
25. I have naturally wavy hair.
26. I am the only left-handed person in my immediate family.
27. I was born in the year of the United States's bicentennial.
28. When I was little, my favorite tv program was Emergency!
29. I have never smoked a cigarette.
30. Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favorite contemporary authors.
31. My favorite color is blue.
32. I would get a tattoo if I thought I wouldn't pass out.
33. I hate going to the dentist.
34. I wish I owned my own house.
35. I am five feet tall.
36. Sometimes I wish I was taller.
37. I dream about living in a log house.
38. I cannot roll my r's.
39. My favorite flavors are caramel and peanut butter.
40. I don't like to cook.
41. I have never been athletic.
42. I hardly ever watch network tv.
43. I like to watch tv or movies while I craft.
44. I get annoyed when people call chimpanzees and gorillas "monkeys".
45. My dream travel destinations are Germany, Italy, and Jamaica.
46. I spent hundreds of hours observing the behavior of llamas.
47. I am very arachnophobic.
48. My first job was at McDonalds.
49. I was once interviewed ny National Geographic.
50. I pass out if I see human blood, but I work in a vet clinic!
51. I am very acrophobic.
52. I am a slow eater.
53. I have moved completely across the country twice.
54. My first pet was a box turtle.
55. I lived in Georgia for 5 years when I was in graduate school.
56. I have an obsession with cleaning "eye boogers" away from pets' eyes.
57. I love the smell of coffee, but rarely drink it.
58. I love to shop.
59. My first car was a Mazda RX7.
60. I still own the first brand new car that I bought.
61. I am a somewhat picky eater, but am usually willing to try new things.
62. I rarely wear makeup.
63. I can't stand listening to country music.
64. My favorite desserts are cheesecake and creme brulee.
65. My childhood was not dysfunctional.
66. I tend to have eclectic tastes.
67. I listen to a lot of reggae music.
68. I never learned to type properly.
69. I am a night person.
70. I got my nose pierced at the age of 26.
71. I tend to be quiet in social situtations, until I know the people well.
72. I can't sleep well unless I'm cuddling with at least one cat or dog.
73. I like to spend time with my parents.
74. I've become much more patient than I used to be.
75. I'm not very good at doing nothing.
76. I was once a participant in a genetic study.
77. I can barely see anything without my glasses on.
78. I've had a total of 16 teeth pulled.
79. I don't like to try new things.
80. I met my husband at a mail order clothing call center.
81. I don't like to garden, but I like to help my mom choose flowers for her yard.
82. I can count to 20 in Spanish.
83. I know how to knit, but not how to crochet.
84. I am an easy person to shop for.
85. When I was in high school, I wished I was more popular.
86. I hate anything cherry flavored.
87. I almost always wear flat shoes.
88. I have blue eyes.
89. I love to do craft projects with my hubby.
90. I wish I was a better dancer.
91. When I got married, my last name became half as long as it was before.
92. I love to visit the ocean.
93. I don't understand really religious people.
94. I have never had a speeding ticket, although I drive fairly fast.
95. I am exceedingly trustworthy.
96. Sometimes I get tired of having too many responsibilities.
97. I don't want to not have pets.
98. I wear a lot of rings on my fingers.
99. Sometimes I don't feel like a grownup.
100. I am currently putting off going to bed.

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